Pvm/pvt engi (level 100)

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Pvm/pvt engi (level 100)

Post by Bhima » Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:22 pm

Hi everybody,
Here we are for another twink project, real easier than the other one (level 60 and bot 178).

Configuration is here : http://auno.org/ao/equip.php?saveid=168399. My engi is froob, level 100, nanomage, male, clan and his name is Hainegit2.

Abil twink is not a problem, i only need to raise treatment.
For this, i used :
- max treatment library (QL 200)
- med suit and max biomech (QL189)
- a pair of chapman (QL 152 and QL 154)
- 6 froob yuttos NCU (QL 175), expensive stuff because they are quest items.
- 1000 token board (for CL buff : usefull for yuttos and beeping back).

As you can see i can wear max implants for my level (QL 200 classic or Jobe) on all slot except for eye (QL 182). I twink treatment for eye implant (MC buff), because i would like to have more liberty on armor and weapon (no nanoskill buff on them).
I can cast max bot (QL 200) and max buffs (AC, reflect, shield) but i must switch items for that (2 ring of presence, collar of amplification, worn soft pepper QL 51). I've got quite good evade with apo armor, quite good DD with 2 CDR and i can sneak (IP).
Even if i consider that this character is finished, I would like to :
- loot Lya glasses +10 in next halloween event
- loot better rings and wrists but i'm little lazy
- quit my org (need contract and tower for nanoskill without lya glasses), so i could attack NW field without penalties.

My last engi will be level 25 and it will be hard :glasses1:

EDIT : No need Lya glasses, my configuration is update, i could farm 2 X wrist and a better yalmaha for RK mish.
Bhima (agent, opi, 200) : work in progress
Hainegit2 (engi, nano, 100) : last configuration
Hainegit (engi, nano, 60) : last configuration, video
Bhimaengi (engi, nano, 25) : work in progress

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