Engineer= dull lvling?

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Engineer= dull lvling?

Post by MadMusic » Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:48 pm

i made an engineer and so far its lvl 50. It lvled up pretty quickly but it got kinda boring pretty fast. I just wanted to know if engineers become more exciting to play at later lvls? in excitement i mean more to do like micromanaging and such instead of just watching bot hold agg and u either sit back or join in but not really paying attention. Just for reference i have also made a trader and i just wanted to know how engi's compare in t-skills? thanks for the help
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Re: Engineer= dull lvling?

Post by Tarradax » Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:30 am

Roll a mission.
Enter mission.
/pet hunt

Come back in a while and loot. Repeat. Are we having fun yet?
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Re: Engineer= dull lvling?

Post by Llie » Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:29 am

If you follow the "put no IP into anything but MC/TS/MM until TL4/5" path for engy, then it will be like that for quite some time, but regardless of which way you go there will come a time that you will need to help your bot to take out mobs and your bot will not be able to hold aggro (if you put in weapon skills and put on a decent weapon) even with trimmers and what not. By around level 150 you will be casting the last froobable slayer droid and at least at that point, you will definitely start to put in weapon skills, and whether you go cookie-cutter pistol or grenade (or even MA) your bot will primarily be helping you at that point, rather than you just watching it hunt. It's only as exciting as you make it. If you are always rolling "green" missions with a "red" bot and hiding in the next room while your bot hunts, then yes. It will be boring -- with the exception of when the bot wanders away to pick up a far away mob, gets out of range, switches to "follow" and brings you 2 or 3 friends to play with.

As for TS, traders and engineers have low IP cost for TS, with engys being slightly cheaper than traders in all tradeskills except for pharma and psychology (traders being much lower in the case of psychology). However, traders are the profession with most of the TS buffs. Engineers are the only profession (that I can think of atm) where upping TS is beneficial to game play since it is needed for higher QL bot trimmers (ok... I lie, I immediately thought of enfos putting IP into psychology for aggro devices). My solution an "all of the above" one. I rolled an engy and put IP into bots and tradeskills, then I rolled a trader (on a separate account) for TS buffs on my engy, and a crat for psychology requirement tradeskilling (primarily building AI armor for friends).

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Re: Engineer= dull lvling?

Post by Tenchii » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:55 am

Fixer = boring? ... nothing to do but clicking burst while everything misses?
Doc = boring? ... after an init-debuff even the hot isnt out'dammaged any more. Doing 1-2 heals per mob if at all?
MP = boring? ... pets can kill stuff alone and even a 2he-trox without evades is healed by healpet fine
Enfo = boring? ... get a CoH weapon, activate reflect-graft or get a HoT as OSB and you will yawn while leveling.
NT = boring? ... my kiting NT can only die by lag when kiting the usual targets (medsuit-hero btw)

To make a long story short: in AO i can find a boring way to play any class if i try hard enough, especially at lowlevels. By using OSB this can hold true till lvl 200. But thats really not the fault of the profession. If you want to be in the middle of the action, do so! It is not like reflects + AC would be bad defens. Like written before, there are enough rings/grafts/stims around to heal yourself under aggro and sit-heal-standup takes a splitsecond if your bot catches aggro or a second (which it does once a while).

As i love engis so much, some comments:
* if your selfcast bot "easily" holds aggro vs you, you are seriously lacking in personal damage. Even a CDR gets you aggro easily if you desire.
* if you are using OSB for your bot but not for yourself, i find it pretty balanced that your bot can fight enemies that you want to maybe not get hit from!
* if you are standing back and just "adding some dmg" carefully, thats wise ofcourse but alot less exciting. Most any class with root&shoot or pets or a team has that "problem".

To answer your questions:
Yes, it becomes easier later on to pick enemies that force you to use your whole toolset and yes, it is pretty exciting to stand close (<8m) to multiple mobs while finding a mix of blinding/healing/hp'loss/nano'loss. It is very easily possible to die if you screw timing or aggrojuggling >> IF << you pick your goals high enough. An Engi+Slayer is a much more fragile system than a Fixer / Doc / Enfo / MA / MP / Advy and (atleast with my playstyle) needs alot more attention and timing than any of my other actively played toons.

A trader is very attention-hungry thou, as none of my traders were ever higher than 146 i dont dare to predict if it wouldnt be a better choice for your playstyle maybe. Having multiple 3min. timers and a darn long nanocooldown after drains needs quite some pre'planning if you intend to have heals/calms/roots ready when problems show up.

Concerning Tradeskills :
* Tradeskills are never really usefull for the char that actually has the tradeskills, only for others / other toons.
* If you want to have super-high tradeskills, the toon wont really be in fighting-shape any more. Make sure it isnt your only char.
* Engi and Traders have very similar results as tradeskiller. Engis have few better items buffing TS, Traders have more buffs.
* Nonmaxed i would use engi as TS (as the bot can still kill mobs < lvl220), maxed i think a trader is more versatile and fitting better, but thats only a feeling.
* If you are absolutely sure you want to be a pure tradeskiller later on: go neutral

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Re: Engineer= dull lvling?

Post by MadMusic » Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:33 am

i see your point, but i meant that for engi's as they progress, does the toolset become more of an active part in the battles and it seems like it does the way you describe it. Also i want this engi to be versatile if i continue to work on it, meaning it can at least do some tskilling to get experimental toons going. Thanks for the imput
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Re: Engineer= dull lvling?

Post by Sferykal » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:47 pm

MadMusic wrote:i see your point, but i meant that for engi's as they progress, does the toolset become more of an active part in the battles
As Tenchii wrote already, it's all about how you do it. Personally, I would try out all the fun stuff an engineer has to offer, because they have a really interesting toolset. Which brings me to the second point ...
MadMusic wrote:Also i want this engi to be versatile if i continue to work on it, meaning it can at least do some tskilling to get experimental toons going.
IPs are very tight at lower levels, that means up to about 100. From then on the IPs are still not enough to spend it into everything you want, but you will slowly get an excess in IP to increase skills you always wanted to. Now, it's not impossible to start tradeskilling at early levels, but then you have to cut down some other part of your engineer up to the point where you really just have your bot and nothing else of the cool combat toolset engineers offer. As an option you can make a dedicated implant setup for tradeskilling, means you go with combat, but if you want to do tradeskilling, you swap a good part of your equip, including implants. That will be a hassle, though, but you can expect to do that this way or the other even at high levels depending on your tradeskilling needs.

Another note: Don't expect to have ubar tradeskills at <100 to support your "experimental toons" as good as possible (i.e. thinking about NP for implants here for example, or making certain armors like Carbonum and so on).

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Re: Engineer= dull lvling?

Post by Kuegen » Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:24 am

my engi who im working on is only level 35 or something... How im playing is maxing mech engi for trimmers and weapon smith for engi pistol. Since my IP is tight i only use an engineer pistol. Damage isnt amazing but its nice with a bot. atm, my pet can hold agg for a bit, then it goes to me, then back to the bot then back to me etc.. i think around level TL2 caps, i can use my QL 100 postive aggdef trimmer, and that prolly would help my damage more than if i put on an offhand pistol.

If you want a more interesting playstyle... Run around with blinds on and pull every mob, then watch as all the adds miss you :p
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Re: Engineer= dull lvling?

Post by Nagae » Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:22 pm

125 with only mild twinking + mochams for my maxed out slayerdroid. (same setup for my foremans easy twink slayer setup elsewhere in the forums+vte x2)
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