Level 60 Froob Solitus - High level bot help

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Level 60 Froob Solitus - High level bot help

Post by randomshat » Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:41 pm

Hey guys.

Yeah, I dropped the VTE thread, due to the fact it would make me have negative credits xD.

Anyways, as you can see, I am a level 60 fr00b SOLITUS engineer. Basically, all I want is a high level bot. That is all I ask for. We can disregard everything else, except base skills, treatment, and trickle down skills for MC, TS.

So here we go.

Base skills:

Code: Select all

Strength 186
Stamina 186
Sense 186
Agility 186
Intelligence 186
Psychic 186

MC and TS and Treatment Base

Code: Select all

Matter Creations base skill : 310
Time and Space base skill: 312
Treatment base skill: 278
Wanting to cast:
Common Warmachine (http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=45728)

Required Skills to Cast:

Code: Select all

Matter creation >= 765
Time and space = 765
Current Progress:

Code: Select all

2 O.E.T. Co. Jess ql.100 Equipped: 40 Intelligence, and 40 extra psychic
Not so sure for the exact implant layout. A little froob friendly for nano skills. I heard setting the implant to agility requirements would help.

Please help me cast this bot peoples! Halp :D Additional buffing items, + imp layout would be nice for the skills. I'd like to be able to control it with Mochams, and cast it with wrangle+mochams.

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Re: Level 60 Froob Solitus - High level bot help

Post by Ferengi » Sun Nov 15, 2009 6:09 am

randomshat wrote: Wanting to cast:
Common Warmachine
#-o :lol:

It ain't happening

wrong breed, to start

Don't need anything that high in ToTW anyway


easy mode
convert to SL.
Adios, thanks for the fish

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