the newbie island weapon adaptor

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the newbie island weapon adaptor

Post by coolcuter3 » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:00 pm

how do you use it and with what items anything on this would be helpfull.
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Post by TigerDragon » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:44 pm

Left click the adapter. Hold shift and right click the item you want to use it on.

The item produced is used to either upgrade a starter weapon or gets combined with another part to create a new item altogether.

Adapted power supply is used to upgrade starter pistol, OR combine with adapted optical scope to create a range meter. Range meter is free from a quest these days so no need to spend credits to make on any more. Adapted power supply is also used to update the starter 1hb bat to a melee energy weapon instead.

Adapted optical scope is used to upgrade the starter rifle.

Adapted roller rat intestines are used to upgrade the bow, OR combine with a salamander skin (do NOT use the adapter on the skin) to produce Salamander Vest.

Adapted reet beak updates the starter 1hb bat to a better melee bat.

Adapted malle skull is used to upgrade the 2hb hammer.

Adapted bone plate is used to upgrade the smg.

Adapted compression chamber is combined with adapted poison sample to produce a poison injector bracelet.

Adapted poison sample is used to upgrade the starter tiny dirk.

Adapted salamander bile is used to upgrade the starter metaphysicist shield.

This is all off the top of my head. I know there are lots more. Check Knowledge Database forum on here to see if a more complete list exists.

Also note that whatever starter weapon you have can be updated for free (no need for the adaptation factory at all) if you collect the following items:

bone plate (from malles)
roller rat intestine
stalker limb
power supply (cargo droids)
compression chamber (waste collectors)
starter weapon to upgrade.

The only thing you need the factory for are:
Salamander Vest
Extra Range Meters
Poison Injector Bracelets
"Energy" version of the assault rifle or bat.
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