Another 60 solitus enf - 2hb

Another 60 solitus enf - 2hb

Postby Leicenia on Tue May 09, 2017 11:35 am

Hello lovely aofroobs.
I've been lurking a long time, felt the need to share / inquire.

I'm working on some 60 toons atm.

First one to get pimped is my Donnna - 60 Solitus Enforcer - 2hB - aiming for a 100-101 howlet miy's tank/rhinoman

atm implants are around ql 156-159 all ability and treatment imps, trying to ladder further but alas I got stuck.

Gaddgets avaliable
treatment gun
ply pillows
aban fala bracers - 2 of each kind
+12 and +13 docaholic's rings.
adv scent sensor
treatment libs in all qls, 107 in atm
ql83 biomech cloak
Growing Lilac Helmet

support toons that can buff and build imps.


if anyone has a brilliant idea on how to further improove, any tips are welcome.
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Re: Another 60 solitus enf - 2hb

Postby Lassssi on Mon May 15, 2017 1:23 am

Without being there and knowing each and every individual implant you have atm + your equipment it's really difficult to point exact steps which would allow you go higher.

Most often when some org mates have said that they have been stuck it's usually been rather simple: 'take out item X, replace with item Y, make ql Z implant with clusters A, B and C'
'Repeat in loop'

However that kind of process is not really practical for forum purposes. If you post all your equipment, exact details about current imps and exact stats with them we could take a look and give the first step.

Some other tricks : Change the stat on which the implant is based, I remember switching implants between being agility, stamina, sense and even strength based in the same process to overcome some barriers.
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Re: Another 60 solitus enf - 2hb

Postby Zlixero on Tue May 16, 2017 3:38 am

On my level 60 soli froob enf I aimed for casting brutal thug self, which made keeping Howlet 100% alot easier.

As a bonus, you get a toon that can buff your other toons with Brutal Thug! :P
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