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Raid guidelines

Post by EDTA » Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:50 am

1. All froobs level 150 and above are allowed to join. People with expansions are very much not allowed (sorry for them, but it takes away the fun).

2. Everybody is allowed to organize raids. Preferably use the default raid rules, but if anything differs from those, state so VERY clearly upfront! If you do so regularly you can be given a raidleader rank to make things easier.

3. Default Loot rules: everything is flat rolled. Need before greed! No ninja looting (clearly)! Preference for 1 win/person.

Rules can change as decided by the raidleader. Especially looting rules. But it's also possible to for example allow a level 140 doc that can cast CH because it's useful or to allow a raid with subway twinks or ... But allowing expansion players to your raid is very much discouraged and as good as forbidden; it's really not what Froobraid is about.
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