A rather unpleasant turn of events

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A rather unpleasant turn of events

Post by Jondera1 » Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:59 pm

Earlier today, I attended the Newland City Council meeting for this month - I've been to a few before, they're generally interesting, and a good time to sit and catch up on how the world is going. This month turned out a little... less pleasant than I'd hoped for.

For one thing, Mayor Toog and General Hekkat weren't present.

That immediately set some people off, especially when Iaskel Nenas and Turms Falon (a pair of fixers who have had... iffy relationships with the Newland council in the past) declared that Toog was "sick," Hekkat was taking care of him, and that the two of them had been asked to fill in in their absence.

Things started to get really rough when Tayris, an investigator affiliated with JAME, pointed out that one "Mr. Iaskel Nendas" had been hired by JAME some time previously to work on some form of experimental transport system... he'd been fired, but a short time later an organization of fixers calling itself the "Shadow Compendium" started operating out of the shadowlands, and have been responsible for a fair amount of criminal activity recently.

Foos postulated that Iaskel was the leader of this group, and that Toog, far from being sick, was actually a hostage (along with Hekkat). When things looked like they would almost escalate to violence, several more people arrived - fixers dressed all in black, and referring to themselves as "Shadows." And following Iaskel's order, thereby proving Foos' point.

The meeting was prematurely adjourned, with virtually no business conducted. Iaskel and Turms still claim to be leading at Toog's request, but bands of militia have started breaking up public gatherings, and I worry that Newland may no longer be safe for honest citizens.

Several of us who were present at the meeting, who are friends of Toog and Hekkat, are starting to conduct our own investigations into the situation, hoping to either recover our friends, or at least figure out what has actually happened. I'll try to keep things up to date as we uncover more information on the situation.
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