TL5+ Reunion Raid

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TL5+ Reunion Raid

Post by JungleGeorge » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:13 am

TL5+ Reunion Raid - Sunday (22nd) @ 19:00 GMT. Raid target will be chosen on the day depending on what numbers show.
For addition information see" onclick=";return false;

TL5 raids are restricted to Froob only toons level 150+. Loot is divided up using a roll so no points. New and longtime players have equal chance.

If your toon meets the qualification (froob only & level 150+), come and join in and see what a Froob raid force can do.
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Re: TL5+ Reunion Raid

Post by Hatty » Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:09 pm

Sign up guys, numbers are important you know :P

Theumbrage - 100 Evade Agent (with no damage!) - [Setup]
Payments - 76 PvP Focused Trader - [Setup]
Temples - 60 ToTW Twink, Solo Aztur without hiding - [Setup]
Nubstick - 25 Half-arsed Nanomage NR Enfo - [Setup]


Hattyssold - 200 Atrox Soldier - [Setup]
Ulovemyheals - 200 Nanomage Doctor - [Setup]

Froob powah!

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