Interview >> Zzzzzzwap

In an effort to understand the Froob mind, set out on a mission to track down and speak to those "uber fr00bs" who have reached the pinnacle of froobness, Level 200.
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Interview >> Zzzzzzwap

Post by Tarradax » Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:19 am

Interviewing Zzzzzzwap (DocJones on the forums), a Clan Nano-Technician on Rk2:

How long have you been playing your main? (Not spelling it!)
DocJones: Uh, I think I rolled Zzzzzzwap around march 2007. Don't know for sure, tho. Can provide you with detailed data later on (Later on: 3yrs, 2mo).
DocJones: And, its one capital Z and five (use your fingers!) small z's :D

What made you pick a NT?
DocJones: DAMAGE!

Just like that, big explosions are cool?
DocJones: I figured I am always playing the guy that breaks it. I can't really do a meat shield or *gasps* supportive stuff. Way too much boredom there.

What about the support toolkit of a NT, then? Calms come to mind here...
DocJones: Oh, calms are pretty much insta cast. So the *boom* isn't really interrupted. I was quite successful at team missions at the TL5 to TL6 grind with calms in team missions and in raiding I sometimes even layered the tank...

Would you still have a NT main if you knew 3yrs ago what you do now?
DocJones: Yes. Absolutely. Playing the nuker always meant a lot of fun to me. And I made several good friends at the reclaim booth :D

So, what's the plan for the future now that you're 200?
DocJones: For the NT, I plan to deck him out a bit. He is still in QL200 imps (no refined yet), and a few supportive armor parts need to be optimized. I already got a new shiny Arbalest and a few parts here and there. I plan to go for a full DD setup to maximize damage in raids.
DocJones: As for other toons, I am leveling my froob engi/poker doc from time to time, besides playing the paid toons.

Any plans to upgrade the NT account? Maybe use that fabled Cyberdeck?
DocJones: Nope. I am totally against upgrading existing froob accounts. It spoils what you have achieved so far. Perhaps I am rolling a paid NT somewhere in the future, but looking at the current experience I made with the shade, imho you can't really compare paid/froob toons of the same profession. At least not above TL5. Perks/AI/Research gives so much more options and the deck is on the other hand very limiting your weapons choice. But then again, The New Balance Patch(tm) showing up at the (far) horizon changes everything.

Let's talk a bit about leveling and the all important question I asked that other NT: NTs, leveling and kiting. Thoughts?
DocJones: Fun, fun and fun. at least until the 150ies. I often kited alone or with org mates to give them research. Sometimes I grabbed some lowbies struggling at the helipad out in Perpetual Wastelands. But after 150 you are really left with team missions. I dont think hitting 200 is that hard, to be honest. It took me 3 months from 195 to 200 and I was really slacking there. That's been 500m XP. Hardest part is to find teams. IS comes to mind as well. We have been there with 3 NT's and a doc. Was... funny and very GPU stressing :D

Now, I also happen to know that you raid a lot... Any advice on that you'd like to share? Anything special happens at 200?
DocJones: Well, we (TL5+) are raiding purely for fun and the achievement. I had the extreme luck to muster a few outstanding raidleaders and dedicated people to help with getting the whole thing going. I'd like to thank those people here very officially for their support and passion. Actually, you can raid at lower levels very well. We all started out at 150ish, and recognized very quickly, that even with a froob only raid force and enough people working together you can take the hardest stuff early on. So, basically you dont have to wait for 200 to raid the big honks. One of our first raids have been Agent Lamb & Ljotur which cant be considered an easy target.

I believe that's about everything - Any last advice you want to share before we close?
DocJones: Dont give up! A lot of people drop out before they reach raiding fun because they think there is nothing else than Subway/TOTW/Foreman/Borgs/IS. There is! And there is a huuuuuge froob community out there to play with. This game has so much to offer, stick with it! :D


Thanks again to DocJones for taking the time to answer some questions and stay tuned for more.
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Re: Interview >> Zzzzzzwap

Post by WorldTrader » Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:17 am

I LOVE community part of the forums imho =D>
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Re: Interview >> Zzzzzzwap

Post by Birrdie » Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:40 am

Very nice :)

Uber froobnes, that made me lold a lil

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