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In an effort to understand the Froob mind, set out on a mission to track down and speak to those "uber fr00bs" who have reached the pinnacle of froobness, Level 200.
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Interviews >> Docpaulie

Post by Esdian » Tue Jun 03, 2008 4:20 pm interviews Docpaulie, a Clan Doctor.
--------------------------------------------- - When did you start playing AO, and what drew you to AO?

Docpaulie -Tue Jan 18 07:23:45 2005 I was born it seems. I started playing Jan 18 2005, But i cant really remember how or why i started playing this game.

--------------------------------------------- - How did you decide on your Profession, and would you change if you could start over?

Docpaulie - I tried trox enforcer and nanomage engineer before, but i didn't like those prof back then. And for some reason i liked doc a lot, also because all teams need a doc to shine.

--------------------------------------------- - Why have you stayed froob for the full 200 levels? Any plans of upgrading?

Docpaulie - No plans on upgrading, and I'm froob cause i tend to get bored of the game and as u cant time becoming bored i find it waste of cash if I'd get bored and have a few months left on your account.

--------------------------------------------- - What was the slowest part of getting to 200, ie the part that made you want to bash your head against a wall.

Docpaulie - Well i played this doc to 60, then i kinda got stuck at level 60 w/o knowing what to do, where no more dungeons and being a noob i didn't do missions.
So I'd say after 60 is the hardest part if you are new to the game. Actually after the 2 low dungeons being Sub and TOTW its not that easy anymore finding teams. Then at 80-100 u can go back to Borgs and start finding teams again.

--------------------------------------------- - Any great leveling spots that you wish to reveal to the masses?

Docpaulie - Cant think of any not being revealed already. Hmm Temple -> Wine Nina's (kiting) -> Borgs, And Bothackers on some toons. Used to level at the academy, but not that great actually :).

--------------------------------------------- - In your opinion, of Doctors hostile nanos which are most important and should be used on regular bases?(Ie for Every mob thats gonna live for more than 15 seconds)

Docpaulie - As froob you can't have all nanoskils so don't even bother with DoT's I'd say, but try to init debuff every mob but focus on the healing I'd say. Init debuffing starts to be more important at higher levels.

--------------------------------------------- - What are some must have tools for the doctor profession?

Docpaulie - TOTW book, Teachings of the Immortal One, Notum Focus and at TL6 Small Ebony Figurine and Smuggled Nanite Merit Board Base is nice as well.

--------------------------------------------- - In your opinion whats the easiest way for your profession to make credits?

Docpaulie - Lol good Q :) I made most of my cash with my Advy Prolly selling and making blood plasma. Money has always been an problem at low lvl, luckily I have ran into alot players which helped me by donating credits. And I got no other way than monster parts to make creds, and thats not useful at lower lvls.

--------------------------------------------- - Now That you've hit the “Pinnacle of Froobdom”, whats next?

Docpaulie - Play my adventurer and my soldier, and perhaps twink this toons implants a bit when i find the time. Play my adventurer and my soldier, and perhaps twink this toons implants a bit when i find the time. And of course keep doing raids with this toon :D


Thanks to Docpaulie for taking the time out of his busy playing to answer these questions. Hopefully we can learn from his experience.

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