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In an effort to understand the Froob mind, set out on a mission to track down and speak to those "uber fr00bs" who have reached the pinnacle of froobness, Level 200.
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Interviews >> Saviki

Post by Esdian » Tue Jun 03, 2008 3:14 pm interviews Saviki, a Neutral Enforcer.
--------------------------------------------- - When did you start playing AO, and what drew you to AO?

Saviki - I don't remember, and the free thing. Also I wanted to try a sci-fi MMO since I don't really like anything fantasy.

--------------------------------------------- - How did you decide on your Profession, and would you change if you could start over?

Saviki - I don't remember why I chose this character -- and really, there's nothing to change. If I wanted to change I could just roll something else

--------------------------------------------- - Why have you stayed froob for the full 200 levels? Any plans of upgrading?

Saviki - To keep the answer short, I think SL sucks for a number of reasons, I think AI sucks for entirely other reasons, and the game is better without them. That also means I have no plans of upgrading this account.

--------------------------------------------- - What was the slowest part of getting to 200?

Saviki - For some reason my motivation really picked up from 180-190.

--------------------------------------------- - Did 190-200 feel fast or painfully slow?

Saviki - Actually it was pretty fast. I started teaming with a fixer named Nirla who had this weird knack for finding team members, especially docs.

--------------------------------------------- - Any great leveling spots that you wish to reveal to the masses?

Saviki - By now there is no magical leveling spot. Everyone knows about ToTW, cyborgs, missions. That's basically all I remember. I don't count biomare because I never see anyone in there except Foreman twinks making a B-line to the director.

--------------------------------------------- - Tips for the new Enforcer learning how to manage aggro, What tools, nanos, Super secret tricks.

Saviki - We all have the same tools, so nothing secret. Generally, I advise against using challenger when you're the main tank. Try to drag mobs around corners or into the previous room before mongoing, but eventually, your mongos will bring adds. That's when the fear line comes in handy. Oh yeah, read Pete's guide on AOfroobs. It's pretty thorough and I agree with almost all of it. Library of Foul Language is staple. It's the only one I used until I got a Jealousy taunter, which is worth it for the higher taunt value, and also because it doesn't require BM to use, which means that you can still use it if you've just used challenger.

--------------------------------------------- - How did you manage your NCU. Since you have to have space for Mongo and other various other Mid combat nanos?

Saviki - NCU was a big problem until I sold both my kidneys for those new spirit-infused ones. I had to leave a lot of buffs out, including iron circle, prodigious strength, layers, team runspeed buffs. The only essential buffs for me were reflects, large HP buffs and PNH/nanocost-reducers. Sometimes HOTs if we didn't have a doc. Maybe this is why I never used challenger much; there was never any room for it. I also had to cancel my mongo HP buff before raging to get rid of a snare/root. But the new NCUs fixed that, and saving up for those should be a priority over things like Notum Tanks or whatever it is you could possibly spend credits on at late TL5/6.

--------------------------------------------- - As a Nanomage Enforcer did you feel it held you back Or was it your greatest advantage?

Saviki - It's not quite that dramatic. Soloing, I can keep the mongo heal, layers and rage refreshed for quite a while without running low on nano. Atroxes can't do that quite as well, but they have access to better hp ticks like what Groumf is doing. So it's just one of a number of ways to do things. Armor isn't really a problem either, anymore, since Miy's came out -- and end-game armor is definitely not a problem. To be honest, being neutral hurt more than being nanomage.

--------------------------------------------- - Now That you've hit the “Pinnacle of Froobdom”, whats next?

Saviki - Uh.... ? That's my answer, seriously. I have no idea.


Thanks to Saviki for taking the time out of his busy playing to answer these questions. Hopefully we can learn from his experience.

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