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In an effort to understand the Froob mind, set out on a mission to track down and speak to those "uber fr00bs" who have reached the pinnacle of froobness, Level 200.
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Interviews >> Yllkoda

Post by Esdian » Tue Jun 03, 2008 2:49 pm interviews Yllkoda, a Neutral Soldier.
--------------------------------------------- - When did you start playing AO, and what drew you to AO?

Yllkoda - I can give you exact date: Dec 17th in 2004 in the morning hours (on Sferykal, my doc). A friend found out about the free offer for the classic AO, so we gave it a go. He started as NT, probably not a good choice, I was the healing backup. The concept was a copy of what we did in Neocron, but ... AO is different. This soldier got started in late October 2005, because I wanted to do something different to standing in the background and keeping people alive.

--------------------------------------------- - How did you decide on your Profession, and would you change if you could start over?

Yllkoda - Well, to say it again, I wanted something else than healing. I like playing my doc, but I needed something to hurt mobs with, and soldier seemed like the right choice.There are many other professions doing that job, too, but soldier was one of the more straightforward ones, and it had to be something ranged.I dunno though if I would make a soldier again, if I had the choice. Either that or Enforcer, I liked running an aggressive playstyle during the higher levels (up to 200).Soldiers are definitively interesting up until the high levels, thanks to all the changes they can go through.

--------------------------------------------- - Why have you stayed froob for the full 200 levels? Any plans of upgrading?

Yllkoda - I have been asked many times why I don't/didn't upgrade, yet. Also, I got many offers to help me in SL and elsewhere if I decide to do so :-)However, with SL there is a huge break in the game design. Coming from something like Neocron, AO, even on RK, feels already like a typical fantasy MMORPG covering behind the SciFi label, and SL doesn't really help with that issue. The other break is the game balance, SL totally destroys it, renders things useless. It's another game, and while as such not bad, I don't think it's really part of what AO should be. In the end it's a mix of many things which didn't make me upgrade, maybe some day if I feel like it I will do it. But that will happen on a new account, I won't upgrade any of my froob accounts for sure.

--------------------------------------------- - How long was the journey to level 200?

Yllkoda - I'm 200 for a small bit now, played time is over 95 days. As said, I started late Oct 2005, but had like 6 months as a break in between. And I stand around doing nothing or even being idle often enough *chuckles*That's for this soldier only. The overall jorney took a bit longer, as this is not my first char; but I managed to get her up to 200 before all others :-)The longest part was the XP grinding in the high levels. During the early 180ies you are about halfway XP wise to 200, I think that says it all. You start counting in number of missions to reach the next level ...

--------------------------------------------- - What was the slowest part of getting to 200, ie the part that made you want to bash your head against a wall.

Yllkoda - Part of this has been answered already, the higher TL5 and naturally the TL6 levels because of the high amount of XP needed to reach the next level. Although I didn't bash my head against walls, I bashed mobs with it, too many of them ;-)Some of these missions, aside of the grind, were pretty fun. Running them with friends and chatting along while beating up mobs is partially relaxing, especially if you are just a DD (damage dealer).

--------------------------------------------- - How did you work around the obvious weapon shortages for Froob soldiers? And What weapons to your recommend at low to mid levels, then at end game.

Yllkoda - Weapon shortages? Froob soldiers do have more choice alone in the Assault Rifle gun-line than expansion players already.The bigger problem is getting the guns you want/need. Especially on first chars with close to no resources, low money etc. this is a problem.This doesn't affect only soldiers, though, it's more a general problem in AO (and many other MMORPGs).However, in regard to non-Assault Rifle lines the weapon choices which are viable run thin; there are options but you have to know what you are doing or have someone instructing you.In regard to Assault Rifles I would suggest using fast guns in low levels, e.g. Nova Flow, Eradicator XCI-52 or BBI Gyro.The first two are rather cheap to obtain, once the idea of blitzing and using ClickSaver got swallowed.Latest during TL3 Div9 becomes the bread and butter gun for froob soldiers; I used Nova Flow (Mk IV), though, because I liked the look of it much more (and, it was at least even to the Div9).During TL4 I started using a Nophex II, which got replaced at level 175 by the upgraded Hellguns (Hellfury/Hellspinner).Other nice choices are the Inner Circle Flamer (hard to get), BBI Gyro and the MTI Cineration (between Nova Flow and Nophex).The turn spirit guns (Spastic/Cooperator) are also options, at least for mission running.I think the different threads in the Soldier forum will explain the different choices in more detail.For non Assault Rifles the probably best known choice are the (Blinded) Blackbirds.My current endgame guns are Augmented Hellfury and Augmented Hellspinner, which both find their use depending on the situation.

--------------------------------------------- - Soldiers have access to an interesting piece of armor, the Charred abandoned Chassis. What are your thoughts on it?

Yllkoda - I love the CAC, if it hadn't these restrictions and quirks on it (see soldier forum for more info).I like all kinds of full exoskeleton armors, heavy plating, the Power Armor from Fallout. They do have things like that in Neocron, too (and it looks much better there than this CAC).Anyway, the CAC as such is a viable piece of equipment for froob soldiers, if you can live with the quirks (most notably: not being able to yalm instantly).It can be worn together with Ljotur armor and a few other pieces of equipment, like the Tri Plumbo HP rings, Token boards, and so on. This results in a setup with extreme ACs where even a number of past level 210+ mobs will hit you only for their minimum damage. It's like a turtle shell :-) Omnis and clanners might decide against using it, they do have AR/FA sleeves which are expensive, but worth their money.For neutrals like me the CAC provides a huge boost in the attack rating thanks to the massive AAO bonus of certain CAC versions. In the end it's a compromise between a number of factors; I was really happy to use it since 160, but it got boring for me short before 190. You will have a unique look for sure :-)

--------------------------------------------- - What's your thoughts on PvP in AO, and what would you recommend to a PvP newbie.

Yllkoda - I'm the wrong person to ask that, because I don't really like or do PvP. Some might wonder, because I mentioned Neocron (where PvP is a big part of the game), but I won't go into details here. One thing is for sure, though: Learn to twink, learn to know your profession and PvP a lot if you want to be a "PvP professional". Titles are nothing :-P

--------------------------------------------- - In your opinion whats the easiest way for your profession to make credits?

Yllkoda - Having guns which don't require you to run at full agg like Hellspinner or Blackbirds leave you pretty much all the options open.Read: You can solo dynabosses, missions and/or mission bosses.Aside of that you can do the usual things like blitzing for specific items or following your "trader instincts".I dunno, but I don't think any of these ways is easy, you need luck and a feeling/knowledge of the right time, what to do when, and listening to what people want.As a soldier you probably have it easier killing things than other professions, at least if you can (insta-) cast the heal they have (OMHH).I'm not that good in collecting money, though, others are probably better sources of information in that regard :-)I'd suggest reading all the posts about earning cash, and learning how to blitz. That will cover the initial problems until you have the money/resources to buy/trade for guns/armors etc.

--------------------------------------------- - Now That you've hit the “Pinnacle of Froobdom”, whats next?

Yllkoda -The plan! Actually, there are more or less two things to do: Try to get the "final" setup together and leveling other chars up, for example my doc or my crat. I end up standing around, chatting or idling, too; I run into new players and help them do the first steps on Rubi-Ka, show them the ropes. I'm not that much into RP, that's another option, afterall there is no real goal in this game, you can play it the way you want. Last but not least: Twinking. I haven't done any serious twinking in a while, maybe I should do that again, I just have no idea what it will be :-)As Lusto is right here with us, we are trying to push the limits what froobs can do, specifically level 200 froobs. That means doing certain raids or helping other, lower level froobs, to get certain items. Raids will be our main focus, though. For more info, results (successes or fails), read the respective forum thread(s).just for additional info: Lusto is kinda pulling the strings for these things, organizing the team etc.


Thanks to Yllkoda for taking the time out of her busy playing to answer these questions. Hopefully we can learn from his experience.

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