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In an effort to understand the Froob mind, set out on a mission to track down and speak to those "uber fr00bs" who have reached the pinnacle of froobness, Level 200.
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Interviews >> Pnunu

Post by Esdian » Mon Jun 02, 2008 3:50 pm

Hello Froobs, Esdian here with not so breaking news! Aofroobs very own, froob fixer, Pnunu finised the Long trek to level 200. After a while I finally managed to "Root" Pnunu so I could ask him some questions, here's the transcript of what was said.

Esdian: When did you start playing AO, and what drew you to AO?
Pnunu: Dec 04 (beginning of Froob),at the start, it was as simple as finding a new game for a group of friends. We regularly played something each friday night, and the game we were playing was getting old and someone suggested AO... though it was a shift from the FPS's we played prior.Of that original group of 10 or so friends, 3-4 of us still play AO and here I am now.

Esdian:How did you decide on your Profession, and would you change if you could start over?
Pnunu:Originally, I read the default descriptions as shown ingame, and narrowed it down to a couple. Also, at the time, I knew a couple others who had created characters, so I purposely chose a different class.I would definitely not change it if I were to start over. Fixer is a very fun class to play, and a very good class to start with as a first character.

Esdian:Why have you stayed froob for the full 200 levels? Any plans of upgrading?
Pnunu:Why stayed froob ... hmmm ... well, the second part of that question might answer the first, or at least in part: I have no plans of upgrading.There are 2 main reasons I elect *not* to spend money on AO: (1) I already spend a fair amount of my time on AO, paying for it would cause me to spend more time on it--at the cost of my family, which is completely unacceptable, and (2) personal reasons where I feel I can better dedicate that money. Beyond that, I've also had other factors keeping me froob. Not least of which is my own sense of personal accomplishment: lvl 200 as a froob. Obviously no where near the first, or the fastest, or any "first", but at the same time something that I accomplished. Finally, to be fair, because of aofroobs. The site was founded by a froobs playing AO: of those, 2 founders still play AO--I felt it best to remain a froob to truly carry the froob point of view when it comes to the site.

Esdian:How was the journey?
Pnunu:How was the journey? Tough question...probably as you would expect: periods of very fast leveling; periods of no leveling while you try new things (like PvP at tower battles).Grinding through the "dry, painful" levels can be just that- a boring, often tedious grind...overall, tho, was very fun. For me, I think being a fixer had much to do with the fun aspect. The toolset for a fixer is very suitable for soloing--taking dynabosses 50 levels over you for example.On top of that, I have a good group of friends/org mates to team with for the real leveling.

Esdian:What was the streach of levels that you found the most frustrating?
Pnunu:I would say leveling from 175 to 190 was the most drawn out. There is really nothing to look forward to: all your main skills are capped, so IP is more than plentiful... that's a loooong 15 levels before new IP spending, and new TL6 available goodies (1750 token board and cyborg token board, as two examples).

Esdian:Any great leveling spots that you wish to reveal to the masses?
Pnunu:Best XP on RK is high-level, full team missions. that goes for any level--from 10 to 195.
Esdian:Even over 3rd floor IS?
Pnunu:Even if your team is uber, the XP on those mobs, while good, all things considered, the respawn and kill rate is too low to "farm" XP there. However, floor 1 & 2 of IS does have a good circuit for XP.particularly for good team from lvl 125 to 170. Also, it's not uncommon to just go to IS and pick up a team there... which is often easier than going LFT for a high-level RK mish team or, if you can only play for an hour or so--consider IS for XP.

Esdian:What's your thoughts on PvP in AO, and what would you recommend to a PvP newbie.
Pnunu:I'm not very experience in PvP. And, while in many cases froobs can hold their own, at high levels, non-froobs will clearly whoop froobs. having said that, fixers at low levels, froob or not, can hold their own in PvP. GA obviously sees to much of that. Traders and NTs cause probs for fixers, to be sure. but each class has it's nemesis. having said that, bear this in mind: my experience in PvP is all but nonexistant. :)

Esdian:Are there any things that you consider must have for froobs?
Pnunu:In general, meaning a thing that every profession should have? ...actually nothing comes to mind other than the obvious like a lock pick and hacker tool... there are tradeskill items that are vital, but hardly any of my alts have them. all have a mission key duplicator and lock pick, i guess, but no other tools. all toons should have a basic set of buffing items, or at least ready access to them: full med suit, OET pistols (for INT), treatment rifle, the range of +12 boosts for abilities and +20 expertises for the general items (treatment, complit, etc). Extend the expertises to those specific to their class--like SMG & burst for fixers. I'm sure there are many profession-specific items as well--for fixers, NCU hacker interface is a must-have, for example.

Esdian:In your opinion whats the easiest way for your profession to make credits?
Pnunu:Fixers and earning credz, ...well, most would tell you blitzing - for good nanos/items, for good money-makers. while that's true, i much prefered finding an appropriate circuit of dynas. this can take a bit longer (more time to chat in aofroobs bot ;) ) ...but the rewards can be, well, very rewarding. weapons and dyna-only nanos rake in good money can't be afraid to list/sell in shopping channels. along those lines, be aware of the "rare" nanos for each profession. use kimi's if in doubt.

Esdian:Now That you've hit the “Pinnacle of Froobdom”, whats next?
Pnunu:Next is Pnunu for tradeskilling, muling, money-earning ...while I work on alts.

I'd like to thank Pnunu for taking out of his busy schedule to chat with me, and congrats for making it to 200!

Additional notes: originaly posted :Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2007 11:20 pm, since then Pnunu has upgraded and formating is straight for the first time I posted this ie copy paste FTW.

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