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In an effort to understand the Froob mind, set out on a mission to track down and speak to those "uber fr00bs" who have reached the pinnacle of froobness, Level 200.
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Interviews >> Comileee

Post by Esdian » Mon Jun 02, 2008 1:59 pm interviews Comileee, an Omni Martial Artist, who recently upgraded.

--------------------------------------------- - When did you start playing Anarchy Online? Why?

Comileee - I started playing AO cause it was 100% free to download & play. I also love to have lots of stuff to learn and at first glance AO surely offered me that.

--------------------------------------------- - How did you choose your profession? If you started over, would you keep it?

Comileee - My first ever character was a soldier, but I didnt make it too far. My second was an adventurer and my third was an enforcer. All them failed for the same reason, I had trouble choosing/getting weapons. So the logical solution was to make a martial artist, which I took. If I had to start over Id surely take it as it was the character that took me to the top.

--------------------------------------------- - Why have you stayed froob for the full 200 levels? Will you ever upgrade? Explain.

Comileee – I stay as froob up to 200 because I had no plans to upgrade, and it was an interesting challenge. There was also a status reward, as 200' froobs are scarce. Regarding upgrade I already did and im currently level 211/13

--------------------------------------------- - How long did it take you to reach level 200? How often do you play?

Comileee - It took me arround 60 days of playtime, but that isnt really an acurate value since I did a lot of stuff with that time other than leveling. Before upgrading I made a doctor alt and I got it to level 175 with just a few days of playtime(actual days of playing time), arround 4 week of real time. I play quite often, mostly during the week and usually being afk during weekends. I spend arround 3-6 hours a day on.

--------------------------------------------- - What was the slowest block of levels to go through?

Comileee - The slowest block was from 195 to 200, but not because these levels take more XP but due to the general AO activity suddently drop by that time. Teams for anything were almost non existant, and that surely slow us down.

--------------------------------------------- - Where are the best leveling places (that you want to reveal)?

Comileee - Best of the best is for sure team mission, but that if you dont count the time setting up a team and rolling the mission. In second place theres IS which is awesome steady xp and doesnt require a real good team. In my opinion this is the best way.

1. 6-18 subway
2. 19-30 solo missions (get 60 tokens)
3. 31-60 totw
4. 61-85 solo missions
5. 86-100 mort borgs
6. 101-125 PW borgs
7. 126-200 IS
8. 155-200 Team missions

--------------------------------------------- - What's the best way to start PvPing?

Comileee - I stated pvping for real in tarasque, my firsts experiences ever pving were when we took it from the clams. Best way to start is to play arround with friends, do duels to 25% untill you fully know the capabilitys of your character.

--------------------------------------------- - How well do you stack up to an expansion player in PvP?

Comileee - In duels I usually wouldnt stand a chance, plus people who duels usually know what they doing. However in mass pvp I did quite good, assisting with good damage or even completly killing SL players up to level 180.

--------------------------------------------- - What items/equipment are a must have for froobs?

Comileee - It of course depends on your prof. Azure is a armor that suits mostly any profession so id say that one is a muse if you want to excel. Dragon chest is a pricey armor but one of the bests for froob, depending on your prof its either it or an azure chest. Sided pads, and might of the revanant is also a must for most.

--------------------------------------------- - What's the easiest way for a froob to make the big money?

Comileee - That depends on your skills. Theres 3 ways of making good money; trading, cru missions & dynas(in order on most money made). On dynas you can find expensive nanos which sell for a lot, it just requires a character that is able to solo and kill at decent speed. Cru missions are great way of making money, you need a fast & able to solo character plus a bit of luck. Trading; undoubtedly the best way of making money, you need to be skillfull in trading, know the market, have many millons already in the bank. To be a skillful trader put your morals aside and remember at the end of the day, all what counts is how much your bank has grown.

--------------------------------------------- - What's next? Twink your 200 or work on alts?

Comileee - After I got to 200 my character was already twinked quite a bit. I was going to make a set of refined 230 implants but I got bored with it. Instead made a doctor which is undoubtedly the best froob pvper and played it up to 175. Some time after that I upgraded and now im back playing my main character.


Thanks to Comileee for taking the time out of his busy playing to answer these questions. Hopefully we can learn from his experience.

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