So you're making a level X twink and wondering implant ql?

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So you're making a level X twink and wondering implant ql?

Post by Lassssi » Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:02 am're making a twink and like many others wondering what ql implants you could aim for?
Well, worry no more, for the ultimate answer is here (for I was bored at work) :P
Find your level from x-axis and see from the y-axis what ql implants you should aim for.
As this data was collected purely based on memory and even then altered, it won't represent
some of the ultimate twinks but rather a nice ql to aim for.

Would be nice to see other meaningless charts as continuation to this post :lol:

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Re: So you're making a level X twink and wondering implant ql?

Post by Bhima » Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:17 pm

It's not enought complicated :D
I would be disapointed if Twink play dice with this poor linear fonction.

Very hard to explain in english for me, but if i've got time I would like to make a program (what QL for this level ?) based on random choose in database.

Code: Select all

for i = 1 to N
(item(requirement, buff) = random (database)
if requirement are enought for skill then 
accept probability = improvement of skill X 1
r = random (0,1)
if accept probability > r
then skill = skill + buff
i = i + 1)
:?" onclick=";return false;
This method work for Battleship or Go, why not for AO ? :D
Bhima (agent, opi, 200) : work in progress
Hainegit2 (engi, nano, 100) : last configuration
Hainegit (engi, nano, 60) : last configuration, video
Bhimaengi (engi, nano, 25) : work in progress

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