40-50 twink idea

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40-50 twink idea

Post by Sneaknpeak » Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:10 pm

Hey Everyone
I have never really spend time pvp'ing within this lvl so my questions might sound lame but i havent found any topic's about it.
The idea is to make a twink with focus on 80% towers and 20% City Pvp. Below is some idea's which i would like feedback on if its not too much a trouble :)

First thing i would like to know is, which profession's dominates/works best in this lvl range?

#1 40-50 MP. (paid or froob)
I currently have a lvl 74 MP with self stats around - 950ish Def - Top pets - Stun nano - Moch's. (paid acc)
It worked awsome in BS and to some extent city pvp but it suffered against 2+ and now the BS is changed etc.
Do you guys think its possible to make a 40-50 MP with enough evades to make it work, knowing that you cant stun and give your Heal-pet a chance to catch up? (paid acc or preferable froob)

#2 40-50 Enf (froob)
Paid: Chirops(if possible?) or Mortiig Beater's. CC/CM or Ofab for HP ? :)
Froob: i doubt but is it possible to equip Chirop as froob? how do we push enough DD when froob's cant equip Tiig Beater's ? i dont really see nelebs rod as an alternative here.

#3 40-50 Doc (paid or froob)
Would a Doc be able to get high evades and outheal dmg from 1-2 while slowly trying to kill people with nuke / dot's ?
Would a Doc be able to push enough DD to solo at towers or would it be pure support, and if only support how many defenders before its useless?
Perhaps equip Sapp/arbelest/CDR or parrysticks/ithaca for evades? (idk if these are too heavy on IP?)

#4 40-50 Trader (paid or froob)
Paid: Is it possible to get JAME equipped and 100% or 75%? I imagin Burst/Fling would be really difficult. Would it be 75set CC/CSS?
Froob: The JAME is not possible ofcause, but would arbalest be a usefull alternative? - Arbalest is not quite a DD weap for towers i guess. CDR+Craphander would that be an alternative that can deal abit dmg against towers and still kill defenders or is craphander too unreliable AS? Sapp bow idk:P=?

If you have another interesting suggestion or know some setup that works for you and dont mind sharing with me and everyone els reading let us know :)

Still reading :P oki well i hope you drop a comment - cheers :)

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Re: 40-50 twink idea

Post by Goldberg » Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:01 pm

well for towers id recommend a trader for froob at those levels, you can get mems up to level 180+ with some serious twinking, stack EVERYTHING and go kill, as for what weapon... id say something with AS, 275 scope, gomboilz... just another common build.

id give a try for an agent, i think lowest possible, insanly high mems, best CAT with scope, build a solid alpha...

and third option would be a GA fixer, nothing lower then GA2 (id aim for ga3 the lowest lvl possible)

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