Damage and Pvp

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Damage and Pvp

Post by WeeScotsman » Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:50 am

For those adrift in a sea of pvp duel losses...here is a hopefully a small idea of game mechanics and what you are up against.

In normal RK PvM....no crits

Average Weapon Damage(AWD).is ...(LowDamage+HighDamage)/2

So in a fight your average hits will be something like this :

AWD x ((Attack Rating/400)+1) ..... plus add damage items

Sometimes you will crit depending on your crit %

(HighDamage+CritBonus)x ((AttackRating/400)+1) .....plus adddamage items

However on RK there is no Armor class. There is in PvP and PvP is halved....so.....


(AWDx((AR/400)+1)) - (ArmorClass of opponent/10) ....... plus damage items

and then divide the whole lot by 2 :) (also 30%cap and damage cannot fall below min damage before damage items are added)

what are the ramifications of this? Well lets look at a CDR vs neleb rod in lowbie pvp

Assuming 2000AC and an AR of 400 and 50 damage adds

CDR has AWD (65+143)/2.....104

(104x((400/400)+1)) - (2000/10) ...8 ^^ (so minimum damage here)

(65x((400/400)+1)) ....130 + 50(dmg items).......180 divide by 2(pvp 50%)......grand total of 90 damage per hit

As you see even if you roll a high hit (143) you`ll still hit for minimum damage against that AC...only crits will save you :)

Neleb Rod has AWD (75+330)/2......202

(202x((400/400)+1)) - (2000/10)......204 (better than cdr :) ) +50 (dmg items)....254 divide by 2 (pvp 50%)....127 dmg

However if you roll higher (330) you can get hits of 245dmg ^^ and your minimum is going to be 100dmg.

Ok i haven`t taken into account crits/procs/shields/reflects/attack speed/specials....but hopefully this should point you in the right direction.

Big Hits is Big AR and Big max weapon damage.....overall damage is another matter :)

Btw a crappy Krutt .....max89 crit 528...... will give pvp crits of 542 in this scenario...agent + tim scope+total concentration ...crit! flingcrit! crit! .....throw a kizzer!....2k damage in 4s....a pair teamed against flying in 49 BS may have a chance , then again he`s probably got 5k AC...better do the calculations :P

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Re: Damage and Pvp

Post by Martialenfo » Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:32 pm

No way that you'd kill Deathinabag with 2x krutt agents, gumboil and 400 of that fling would disappear due to his first absorb, then theres a ludicrous amount of hp, and cocoon to break through, if anything go ithaca for the AS with the potential of capping however slight it is. And your numbers for calculating damage are quite wrong.. The AC is taken off the high end damage not average damage, then you average the high end that was adjusted for ACs with the low end to get your average hit. Also you don't take into account the dual wield effect of CDR vs rod. AC only effects Max damage not low end or (crit) damage although overrall crit damage will be as it is high end (affected by ACs) + the crit damage in brackets.

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