Evades reduce the effectiveness of reflects.

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Evades reduce the effectiveness of reflects.

Post by sparxx » Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:41 am

This post is aimed at Engineers and Soldiers mainly. Is it the case that having evades maxed is worse than having them slightly raised to avoid critical hits but to attempt to be hit for minimum damage? If the opponent misses you, he takes no damage, but with TMS in particular I've seen many pistol/fast attacking players go down rapidly because of reflect damage. In this case ACs, absorbs and max health (+OMHH) will allow you to damage your opponent heavily while keeping your hp high, as opposed to evading hits while TMS runs out for example.

I was wondering if anyone had any builds that rely upon getting hit, and reflecting/shielding most of the damage, whose effectivness would be reduced by maxing evades.
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