Agent fp nanos

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Agent fp nanos

Post by markp89 » Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:48 pm

Hello all

I really cant find a answer on my question, or find any topic about it.
I found one long time ago, but i lost it, so my question is:

What nanos do i need to roll for each FP..
Like FP enf: what nanos do i need? Health buffs - Mongo - Damage shields - Absorption layers - Challenger - Rage etc etc etc..
Same with soldier and doc..

Can anyone please make a list of each proffesion please? Thanks alot

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Re: Agent fp nanos

Post by Sheffsam » Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:13 pm

There is this list on the official forums, but froobs may not be able to cast all of em: ... did=288065" onclick=";return false;

On my agent, I do not have all of those nanos - which ones you need depend on your playstyle, and also what you can cast. I don't use FP Soldier or FP Enf very often, so I'm a bit short in those nanos.

I'd advise rolling all the major buffs: Behe, SFA, IC, Teachings/Infuses/Mochams. You'll also want Odin's Missing Eye (MP) and Trading Mogul (Trader). All trader drains (both lines) are a must and 131/132 Wrangles (Trader heals and team heals can be handy too). For Doc it will depend what you can cast - you'll basically want the best heal, team heal, long HP, short HP, short HoT and non-breakable init debuff you can cast. OS(Sol) and EP(Eng) can come in handy if you prefer to self-buff and wait out FP rather than buff-beg, or for buffing alts.

For blitzing/rolling mish I also have fixer RS and Meep. You'll want the doc and trader slow meeps as well, if you do team mishs a lot. Crat 9% Baton can be useful if you have Doc already in team.

If in doubt, skim through the profession nano lists on Auno. You'll need to consult them to work out what you can cast anyways. :)
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Re: Agent fp nanos

Post by markp89 » Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:16 am

Thanks alot!!
Thats what i mean :D

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