Mini guide:How to Kill expansion players

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Mini guide:How to Kill expansion players

Post by Seke » Sat Jun 20, 2015 4:23 pm

Mini guide:How to Kill expansion players


I came across a fellow froob agent today, who was interrested in knowing, how to accelly kill these pesky expansion players,
sadly he had a disconnection/tactical retreat, before I could enlighten him. :D

So I decided to make a mini guide, based mostly on my experiences at 150+ pvp, it will by no means be an end all be all guide, but hopefully give our inexperienced agents a few pointers.

Firstly you must accept, it is highly unlikely you killing a good twinked expansion player straight up, at higher levels, however, we can kill them in theire sleep :D
ie. when they are afk, or busy tryin to kill another player.

The gimps and the regulare leveling toons are another story however:)


I have done some experimenting, and the following is the balance, I have had most success with against expansion players.

Firstly increasing my attack rating, as much as possibal, or as much as it takes to land regulare hits on the intended victims,
the reason being, the concentration nano have become much more useful, with its longer duration, and shortend cooldown.

To increase my attack rating, Im using dessert nomad pants, Igocs, Sacrificial Ensigns of Cerubin, AAO rings/implants etc.

2nd priority is to increase HP as much as possibal, as to prolong my lifespan:)

Proactive/Kergens armour is great for this.
Also Desecrated Bloodmark, from Innersanctum is useful for filling the other wrist slot with hp.

Slap on a critscope, as high a ql you can get on, and still be 1/1 with your pvp rifle during the concentration nano's duration.
I wear a 5/5 ranger cloak to help with this, as it raises my inits/AR on activation.

You can use a zastaba rifle instead of a caterwaul, if you have trouble getting the cater to 1/1, zastaba have a bit lower
crit dmg, and AS dmg, than cater, but its not that much.

Bring root grafts to root the pesky nano resist twinked players, totw/IS pads for Absorb shield/Root resistance, kizzers,
and all the other nice stuff, check Briandmg's Ultimate Endgame Froob PvP Guide, for inspiration, perhaps print out a copy, and putt it in your inventory:)

For ncu chips, I have Infused yuttos, firstly to give me the nessesary ncu, for all the nice buffs:) secondly to give some crit decrease, ie. lessen the chance
of others landing crits on me.

I have sacrificed a slot, for a nano range extender. Because perks have a limited range. When I root expansion players, at max range, they cant use perks on me:)
It also gives me the Privilege of rooting some players out of theire weapons range :D

There is a diffrence in playstyle for agents deppending on where they pvp, I have tryed supplying some tips on some of the more common killing fields

Battle station

For general battlestation play, I have found fp soldier to be best allround, simply because of TMS and added AR/HP.
Basicly what you do is, you run/sneak into range of your target, ->Root>TMS>AS>Concentration>Deaths Gaze spam, AS and refresh roots as needed.

You can bring your mp pets, if you go fp mp, before entering the battle station, and casting your pets.
When you wanna sneak around unnoticed, you put your pets on wait, somewere where they are well hidden. Now when you are sneak up on someone, you do as before
exept you cast "pet warp"(from general nano store), after TMS, to warp your pets to you.

If you are fighting against an evil mob of clammer scum hostile players, you can successfully go fp enforcer.
Rage decreases the chance, of you getting rooted/debuffed, because of nanoresist, and when you recast it, it removes roots/drains/init debuffs etc.

So what you do is, you cast your hpbuff/absorb/rage/mongo etc. sneak up on a gimp in the blob, ->Root>Concentration>Challenger>AS crit crit..
do /moon towards the angry mob, then run to the nearest teleporter, keep your mouse on rage, in case you get rooted.
As soon, as you land on the other side, of the teleporter, you go into sneak. Rinse repeat;)

If you are fighting in a team without a doctor, you can either go fp doc, init debuff the victim, and save your teammates a** with CH:)
or go fp adv, for more AR in sabretooth form, use aura and shortterm ar buff together with concentration.
You will have more ganking potential in fp adv, than fp doc, but longer cooldown on CH.

25% gas/City ganking

For this you generally wanna go fp fixer, so you can meep away from trouble :D I generally leave the pets at home for this, as to not get discovered.

Get your refleckts/assorted AR buffs/Hot/blockers/absorbs, or just run straight into it, if you are lazy:)

Now you first figure out where you wanna go, then cast "experienced survivor"(from vp store), it gives you fear immunity, cast your short hot, and lets go.

When you have located your target, try and get to max range, get up on a roof, if possibal. Check if you are still in fp fixer, then ->Root>AS>Concentration>lots of crits hopefully, reroot/AS as needed, and meep if you get in trouble.

If you have come across a healing proffession, you can spam death gaze, in order to prevent them from healing. If by some chance you are trying to gank a doctor,
and it have the nerve to init debuff you, you cast "wake up call"(from vp store), as it removes init debuffs,dots,etc.

If you come across an engineer, you could switch to your yata, for higher crit damage, as the engineer will probally have special attack blockers on, ie. it blocks your AS.
Or you could use a microphone, and fire off all its specials, and then switch back to your rifle. This, however, demands you to be dangerously close to your intended victim.

If you should come across some pesky 220, that wanna hit you back, you could use LOS to AS kite it, or just meep, to piss it off:)

Player VS Towers

Go fp trader, load up your turn spirit rifle. Grab a drain pet, and go kill, remember to bring your attack pet for damage, and healpet, for, you guessed it, heals;)

Keep your mini map open, and keep an eye on enemy activity, if some smelly clammer hostile shows up on the map, go into sneak, swap to cater, and kill it.
Or keep turnspirit rifle on, and remain hidden, till your team have disposed of it:)

Proffession specific tips

Root them if you can, kite them if you cant, never get into melee range. They are evil, they will chain stun you and steal your health to heal them self.

Healing proffessions:
Stun them, fear them, drain them, use all the dirty tricks:)

Martial artists:
Root them if you can, kite them if you cant, be aware if they get into melee range, they will use a ma special attack, which will give them a short time 2k nano resist buff, so if an experienced ma gets into range, forget tryin to root normally, use a graft.

Go fp enforcer, and use rage, when drained, as it removes the drains, or go fp doc, and init debuff them before they drain you.

Root theire pets, grab a yata and crit cap them, or just stick with your regulare pvp rifle, if you are lazy:)

AS kite them, and remember to occationally look back at them, and enjoy theire angry faces. :D

Try and prevent them from TMS'ing, with deaths gaze, if they succeed, tank them, while spamming deaths gaze, or root them, go behind a wall and pop in and out with AS.

Nano Technicians:
Our goal is to kill them before they cast two nanos on you, two ways of attempting this, the first is by purely ganking them, fp adv is useful for this, or AS kite them, run around walls etc.

Good luck and have fun

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Re: Mini guide:How to Kill expansion players

Post by meraimon » Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:18 pm

Nice guide! One really deadly combo that all agents have at the mid levels (tl3-tl4) is to mimic or assume profession: trader and use the drains for a massive Yatamutchy rifle (which is better than perennium with concentration, huge crit damage) as well as to cast Death's gaze at maxiumum range with a range increaser. being able to keep the opponent stunned out of range while firing huge crits at them is very effective. Just make sure you don't let any enemies up close or you go splat in a second! In my opinion, abusing max range is the best way to win pvp as an agent, froob or paid.

also froob atroxes get access to the diamondine kick pistol which is super deadly with a onehander in the hands of an agent. Shotguns are very powerful, the ithaca is a viable choice for pvp at tl2 since the concentration changes.

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