The Hardcore fr00b Project

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The Hardcore fr00b Project

Postby Furu on Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:18 pm

Hello fellow fr00blets, sl00blets and paid tryhards.

I wanted to make a post about my current project, a trader with a non-mainstream weapon choice raised "by hand" from 0.
I want to relive the time of the Notum Wars expansion, without any help from paid toons during my journey; without any gifts or outside-buffs.
You may ask yourselves: Why is that guy torturing himself like that?
There is a simple answer for that - I always enjoyed a fresh start in any MMO i played and all the more when I got the feeling that everything I had was obtained through hard work
or a huge portion of luck.

But because the journey from 1-200 is a long one and can be quite lonely I want to announce the project here and find like-minded players.
Now for the rules.

1. Skip Arete - start like you did back then - in the backyards. (To skip Arete grab the credit card, get the cash and bribe the NPC that gives you your ID with the 15.000 credz)
2. No transfers between non "hardcore" characters, that includes orgmates, friendly team-mates, credit & item donations yatta, yatta, yatta. You get the idea.
3. No help from paid characters. You have to kill the stuff you want to loot alone or with other fr00bs. (I try to not team with subway or ToTW toons since their optimization defeats the same purpose)
4. No dailies. This seems like a harsh one but trust me, there is so much to do and so much to see that you and me forgot about during our brainless daily-grinding. Imo it speeds up the leveling to far.
5. No outside-buffs. Another crucial point. This is more like my attempt to re-enact the fact that back in the day nobody had a clue what other proffesions could buff. + getting those 100k creds for the composite expertises is a huge task.
6. No shopped armor i.e. Newcomers and bought Carbonum. We hadn't have that luxury back in the day and getting your hands on decent armor is another huge achievement for every "hardcore" toon.
7. No kite teams. Because reasons. Don't get me wrong kiting exists since the earliest days of AO but I don't want to take advantage of it. However if you are a selfbuffed "hardcore" NT, go for it.

Optional rules:

8. Neutral - Reason 1: Tokenboards are OP (compared to where we start and what we have). Reason 2: I don't want to be an Omni-Employee (for once :D) or a Rebel fighting Employees. I want to be a free inhabitant of Rubi-ka.
9. Exotic Weapon/Race choices. Do what you want to do. Act like you have no idea what breeds and professions are. Pick the weapon that looks the most badass. Play the toon you want to play and make him special (: .
10. I'm still thinking about excluding the reck because it kinda kills the entire 100+ content of RK but then again it now is a part of RK we could have used way earlier. Before I really decide about that I have to get there anyway :P .

That's about it. I hope you had a decent read and killed some time (that's what this is all about right?). If you like the idea and want to participate contact me ingame (Names down below) for more information or questions.
My dream would be, that we can get get maybe a full team of ppl and do a bunch of shi*t together. A full totw team, team-missions, out-door hunting etc. Maybe even our own org...
Let a man have his dreams :D

I hope to catch you guys ingame sometime and maybe see fellow "hardcore" fr00bs running around with the most ridiculous setups. #NMbowsoljaINC (don't make it too painful for you)
Oh and I need another name for this kind of thing. "Hardcore" makes it sound so naughty...

Best regards


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Re: The Hardcore fr00b Project

Postby keune on Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:26 am

I think I have some old type stims somewhere, let me know if you want them ;)
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