Valentine's Celebrations 2017

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Valentine's Celebrations 2017

Postby Saavick on Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:12 am

Since a few days the Valentine's celebrations are available again and will be for the whole of February.

In all the major cities, a Yutto named Qi Qiao Jie is offering chocolates and flowers and other gifts for sale. I won't list all the locations since they're easy to find, but for example there's one in Borealis, between the grid terminal and the bunker.

For the duration of the event, everyone can claim a free Nophex 3D Printer: Love Edition from the item store. You can open this for a random gift. The details are in the item description :)
EDIT: After checking in-game, this offer does not appear to be available for froobs :( There's still several other (social) items to claim though.

Slightly off-topic: I went on a Wikipedia spree and learned that Qi Qiao Jie is a Chinese festival that is sometimes called Chinese Valentine's Day :)
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