Personal Service Towers

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Personal Service Towers

Post by Trappin » Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:47 am

The following towers are pre-made and available in faction Tower Shops:

QL5 Flimsy Service Tower
QL15 Feeble Service Tower
QL50 Recycled Service Tower
QL75 Android Service Tower

The following quality levels must be made by players:

QL150 Semi-Sentient Service Tower
QL225 Cyborg Service Tower

Both the QL150 and QL225 Cyborg service tower can be tradeskilled by a end game froob engineer or trader using a Multi-Purpose Tuner Tool, with the QL225 version requiring approximately 1300ME.

What are the beneficial aspects of service towers?

All service towers are capable of attack damage, while only the higher tier service towers execute a beneficial, 15 meter area of effect Drone Shield pulse, every 30 secs. The Drone Shield for a QL225 Inactive Cyborg Service Tower has the following description and stats:

"This is a deactivated, personal Service Tower. Service Towers have less restrictions than other towers featured with Land Control. They can be placed in any outdoors area - and function more like the so called 'pets' of Engineers, Meta-Physicists and Bureaucrats. The Service Tower is immobile and lasts for a limited time."

On Use User Hit Health 75 .. 125 6 hits, 4s delay
User Hit Health 75 .. 125
User Modify Projectile AC 500
User Modify Melee AC 500
User Modify Energy AC 500
User Modify Chemical AC 500
User Modify Radiation AC 500
User Modify Cold AC 500
User Modify Poison AC 500
User Modify Fire AC 500
User Modify Perception 50
User Modify Shield projectile damage 45
User Modify Shield melee damage 45
User Modify Shield energy damage 45
User Modify Shield chemical damage 45
User Modify Shield radiation damage 45
User Modify Shield cold damage 45
User Modify Shield fire damage 45
User Modify Shield poison damage 45

What sort of damage is a service tower capable of?

Users of a ql225 cyborg tower can expect something along the lines of:
Attack time 3.2s
Recharge time 3.2s
Range 40 m
Damage 127-360 (163) - Chemical AC

Buffing your personal service tower
  • Many nano formula do affect service tower performance.
  • Team AoE aura and speeches do affect service tower performance.
  • Pet trimmers do not work on personal service towers.
  • Android NCU do not work on personal service towers.
Service tower commands

/tower attack
/tower guard
/tower wait
/tower report
/tower terminate
/tower rename Imperial Omni Kill-Bot
/tower chat this is not the droid you are looking for

Reference sources

AO Universe

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Re: Personal Service Towers

Post by Rain » Sun Jan 05, 2020 3:43 am

Some observations:

The drone shield aura does not appear to be casted on pets, merely player.

The ql 225 Cyborg Service tower has 233 NCU available, which is quite a bit more than a non-trimmed engineer's Slayer Guardian pet.
Despite being mechanical in nature, one can not cast the engineer's Pet Short Term Damage nanoline on the tower, Shield of the Obedient Servant however works.
Damage is still neglectable, the AAO boost is nice though.

The tower is by its very nature immobile and can not be warped with pet warp.
The tower is affected by knockback, as observed at the Hollow Reaper.

I still have to test out if its susceptible to a boss summon or a knockback from other sources.
Hm, maybe Medusa Matriarchs.
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Re: Personal Service Towers

Post by Higain » Wed Jan 29, 2020 1:49 pm

I've spent hours pulling Medusa into a service tower kill box (three QL225 cyborg towers) while farming soul fragments and have never seen a medusa knockback service towers. I guess it's possible, but very unlikely.

Stepping on a Medusa platform lift pad in DAV will warp your service tower to the lift pad.

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