2 Tough Mobs

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2 Tough Mobs

Post by WeeScotsman » Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:21 am

Having swung through various trader end-game setups, from max damage to more survivabilty...I seem to be having trouble soloing a couple of mobs.

1st is Fazael the Watcher in IS. I can usually get him to 50% and managed 20% before (reflect bracers cold and melee helped and reflect graft). But even with nanite drains and AC drains on him he seems to cast some kind of challenger and his damage and speed go through the roof.

2nd is Prof Van Horn....high NR...unbelievable heal delta and heavy damage. So much so that I hardly dent his HP bar.

Question is should I aim at defense set ups AAD or evades...AC setup...or max damge....or should I go root and shoot?

Anyone have experience of soloing these 2 ? Are they froobable? Any tips would be welcome...

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Re: 2 Tough Mobs

Post by Sheffsam » Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:30 am

I know Fez is soloable by some froob professions - most notably doc and engie. I'm not sure if I recall seeing a trader solo him at any point, but it sounds like it might be possible. My MA trader has just hit TL6, so I may try later and report back.

Prof Van Horn is a tricky one - I know for sure my doc is unable to solo him, and I'm not sure if any froob profession can - his heal delta is so high it's difficult for the damage from 1 froob to get his health down at all. GAIV fixers possibly, but I have heard tales of him critting through GA.
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Re: 2 Tough Mobs

Post by Saavick » Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:57 am

Note that although Fezael could very well be doable to solo, the only purpose of killing him is to get to the second and third floor of the Inner Sanctum, where you will require a team anyway for the interesting mobs.
The more interesting mobs you would solo, dyna bosses and Unique's, require less defence so it could also be an idea to specialise your equipment for other tasks such as damage or calming (i.e. high nanoskills).

Unless of course you just enjoy pushing your limits when soloing, in that case ignore my text :)
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Re: 2 Tough Mobs

Post by Tarradax » Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:48 am

At least for Van Horn, you'll want to tip the scale towards damage - His HP delta is a horrible horrible thing. I remember trying to solo him as a late-TL5 GA4 Fixer... I couldn't scratch him, he couldn't scratch me, it was a wonderful fight until some 220 came by and killed him (I still got kill credit because I did more total damage, heh).

As for Fez, I'm not sure he's even soloable with a fr00b trader - And Saavick's right. Apart from epeen points for doing it, there's little purpose to actually downing him anyway.
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Re: 2 Tough Mobs

Post by Rain » Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:06 am

My crat can kill van Horn solo, but I need a decent charm for that, usually the food merchant from mmd.
To save time, I kill him mostly dual logged though.

For the watcher... never tried to solo, there is nothing on floor 2 that I could solo anyways.
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