tWINK LVL 20 soldier

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tWINK LVL 20 soldier

Post by Ronin114 » Sat Feb 09, 2008 5:24 pm

Hi sorta new i am looking to twink my lvl 20 soldier out witha ql 52 prenium blaster but cant seem to get the full auto needed any one know how to solve this problem i seen lvl 15 and in a few casess lvl 11 with them...?..

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Post by Sferykal » Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:03 am

You will need two different implant sets: One for twinking the gun on and one for the day-to-day use. First one has it's primary focus on FullAuto, because aside of the expertise/comp buff the FA buffs are all self-only (and start at level 25 on top of that). Contrary to that, AR and Burst can be boosted by a great deal, if you have the necessary NCU to hold the buffs. The day-to-day use implant setup is focusing more on AR, naturally, as it has a direct impact on the overall damage.

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Post by plugsz » Tue Feb 12, 2008 6:22 pm

I put a 53 on an trox soldier @ level 15 so is doable

Things to look at:

1- Implant and ladder up into ncu, coh collar and ring of nucleus bisai
I personally hade a 147 ncu @ 15 doing this

2- Implants to ladder up your strength to work in AR/FA/Burst buffing imps
QL83 was what I ended at

3- If LE enabled, get a high level bud to WTFPWN a bunch of LE mishs....goal your looking at, at least from my standpoint, is QL 50 Soldier Ofab. OFAB chest does have buffs for FA in it.

4- acquire Manex SD 4004 (Mist reception sorrow)
This is a full auto buffing wep that you can hotswap the Pblaster for

Once my twink was done (thanks to all NA members that helped in that adventure when it happened, 9+hrs of straight twinking) I was fairly good as a pvper

We had a field in galway at the time I successfully defended against a fixer,trader and agent twink to a standoff(as they were receiving TL7 keeper HP aura from outside of gas and I was fully OB'd). Yes I said it, 3 on 1 in my setup

Also remeber that at level 15 your capable of AI 2 and level 1 ai research, these all come in handy as well.

I'll try to do a AUNO profile for my soldier as I've leveled him but have no redone his gear yet
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