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Re: TL5 BS

Post by nmg » Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:16 pm

EDTA wrote: - What would you want the skill lock modifier for? All it does is make your rings and certain other tools available a few seconds faster... (well I didn't really calculate it, but the % of skill lock modifier you can get is not very big...). AS (or any other special) isn't affected by it. First Aid might be I think, but not sure anymore.
I had the impression that skill lock modifier affect the recharge time too. But that isn't probably correct.
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Re: TL5 BS

Post by Tarradax » Mon Mar 29, 2010 3:30 am

From what I remember reading on the official boards last time I was curious about Skill Lock Modifier, the consensus was that it reduced the cooldown of grafts, medkits and first-aid stims.
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Re: TL5 BS

Post by WeeScotsman » Mon Mar 29, 2010 3:41 am

EDTA is my hero!

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Re: TL5 BS

Post by Briandmg » Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:26 am

I recently outleveled my froob NT main past 174 to try and get my first L199 character. I did indeed stay at L174 for a prolonged amount of time in order to rack up my EXP pool to the cap (200 mil in XP pool 8) ). This turned out to be a good idea since L175-199 BS is practically dead, so it would be worth it to farm daily BS quests first before proceeding to reclaim the huge 200 mil pool on your way to L199.

As far as froob PvP goes, I can say with much certainty that a well-played NT is the best profession to play TL 5 BS. There are few other professions that possess the necessary DPS and attack rating to pierce the high DRs of sloobs at that level. And even if you do have a high AR, you wouldn't survive very long. My froob enfo friend, with 1.3k AR, had little chance of surviving long enough to kill anyone. As a counter example, I also knew a GA IV fixer who could dodge most attacks, but didn't have a high enough AR to hit anything.

I used a QL 165 Ithaca shotgun as a weapon. It had a 40s AS recharge cycle and hit anywhere from 500 to 5000 in PvP. There are a couple of other good options as well, but I settled for Ithaca because it had the greatest AS single-shot damage and this added to my arsenal of burst damage. I used extra items to maximize my DPS since I found myself dying to people with 10% health remaining before. This included Kizzermole Gumboils and Ring of Wilting Flame. The ring can be used in between IEF nukes (exactly 5s use time for ring).

That being said, I would estimate my kill-death ratio to be somewhere around 1:4. I have 155 solo kills but probably 600++ deaths. :P EDTA wasn't kidding when she said you die alot more than you kill. I did also find however that shades were indeed my staple food, and I was able to kill most shades in toe-to-toe duels. Sloob NTs were by far the most deadly profession to meet as they could blind -> root -> double you until you died. Really hate their pierce reflects that made my NS MK II useless.

So yes, if you're interested in froob TL 5 PvP, roll a NT. The blinds/roots/NS MKII/IEF/calms/Nano-skill-debuffing-nukes/Anti-GA-nukes makes you something to be reckoned with. :D
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