Medusa questions

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Medusa questions

Post by brian » Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:41 am

I will be done with kiting borgs soon. Medusas show up to me as "much higher level than you." Does anyone know the level range of the Medusas in Deep Artery Valley and Eastern Foul Plains? I want to know which area has the lowest level medusas to start trying to kite them. Please post their level ranges if you have a high level toon that can get an accurate reading off of them.

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Re: Medusa questions

Post by EDTA » Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:37 am

Medusa's are not really ideal for kiting: they nuke for a lot of damage.There might be tricks to avoid that they nuke, but I don't think it's easy. Nanoresist helps a bit, but not enough I think. They can be kited but if you try to kite big amounts of them it gets very dangerous.

"Savage medusa's" can be found S of the medusa territory in DAV: between the wood and the cliffs (it goes uphill and shows as another color on the map), there are some towerfields over there. Some can be found in the woods or up the cliffs too. I think they are about lvl 80-90. I used to kite them a lot when I was younger, merely to get some miy's nano (for myself and to sell for good money, was worth quite some more back then). Other medusa's have other levels. I haven't been there for a while though and I remember most as "much higher then you" too. As I gained levels, the "Savage medusa's" became orange, yellow, green and there where some more medusa's I could see the level from and kill. I believe some Astrolgy medusa's where about lvl 120-135 but it's a long time ago. I should visit again some time and note some stuff. I kinda like medusa's :)

To hunt medusa's you benefit from being female: you don't get agg on sight. So you could pick out 1 or more relative low level medusa's and then check the environment for a good spot to kite them: one that doesn't contain too high level medusa's. The entvined generals etc still agg you on sight though. And they are social with medusa's so attacking entvined stuff also causes medusa agg.
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