Where are there Cyborgs in Mort?

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Where are there Cyborgs in Mort?

Post by Bloviator » Tue Sep 09, 2008 2:50 pm

I've looked in most of the craters and found very little worth kiting... so before I do a grid-search of the entire sector, could someone please point me in the right direction? :D

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Post by Tarradax » Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:04 pm

Grid to Meetmedere. Run straight North. Zone. Run North some more. You'll end up at a giant crater with green sploodge in the center. Around the rim of the crater there's borgs, inside there's borgs, around there are borgs.

Oh, and teams of people who might not appreciate you doing what you want to do.
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Post by Mapleforcer » Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:36 pm

Yes if you want to kite go to pw...mort is small spawns and teams try to level there.

Btw every now and then someone [mod snip] comes to mort, and, at level 150, starts kting/full autoing the borgs. At /tells telling them to do solo missions for research or w/e they for some reason cannot give any kind of reply.

Kindly pass the word along that noobs are trying to level there. 8)

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Post by Bloviator » Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:21 am

Hmmm... alright so will I do well enough to justify skipping ahead to those high level Cyborgs? I Yalm'd around in the northeast area of PW and found what looked like a couple good spots, but the borgs were all "much higher than you." when inspected. That usually translates into, "haha enjoy the trip back to reclaim n00b!"

I'm in the low 120's now with only enough self'd MC for Isotope Waves. Yes, I need better implants, but I was planning on making them myself once I started running into the level cap before 150. Maybe I'll just use some 170ish implants as a temporary solution. I guess I could get an MP to bump MC higher too.

I suspect the limiting factor for me is going to be runspeed. I can get 850ish run speed with a lowbie fixer buff and more for higher buffs. Is 850 sufficient?

Oh yeah, I have an NS1 disk too, and will get that made into a nano soon. Is it critical for borgs or can I rely on layers?

Still have to say my NT is probably the most fun I've had in AO to date.

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Post by Agentcrt » Wed Sep 10, 2008 12:24 pm

lvl 81 NT can solo PW borgs in pack of 5-10 (froobie) with lvl 160-180 imps. At 120 you should/must have all imps 200. And lvl 81 is selfing Toxic something and with mochie it can do Frigid Landscape. That is enough to keep you from reclaim. 800 rs? well my lvl 73 soljah with some ip into rs gets 1k with gsf so i dont know what are you doing. Revise your implants, IP into RS maxed, etc. NS is useless at borgs since it stops you move= you're dead when kite catches you. And some1 said mobs much higher than you = reclaim, i'd tell you you learn to kite because I do not kite anything else than mobs that are much higher than me since all rest is waste of nano - credz.

Now dont bull**** about taking poor guys from 60's to 100 or maybe 120 the joy of Mort borgs since there you can pull max 10 if place is full, kiting 1 borg is waste of time and nano.

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Post by EDTA » Wed Sep 10, 2008 12:56 pm

In Mort the crater South-West of "the mask of tragedy" with a "camp" in the middle of it also hosts some borgs. They are somewhat closer together and the place is less populated with borg-killer-teams I believe. Though at your level, especially when you get ql 200 imps in the PW borgs are probably a better target.

On the topic of Nullity Sphere: at you level you want MkII, not MkI. It won't help you for kiting but has uses in other situations. My lvl 124 NT recently got an updated setup: ql200 NCU stuff, Ql 200 imps (the eye is not 200 yet though), new armor and I upgraded from NS1 to NS2. A few times I heard the advice: "don't bother using NS1, just sell it for the profit and immediately go for the better NS2". Since I leveled slowly I have been using NS1 now for quite a while (don't know exactly but I'd say it was before lvl 100) and I enjoyed it a lot so usually I disagree with the above advice. Since you already are at a lvl you can easily use NS2, the advice certainly applies to you. And remember "NS1 saves your a**, NS2 kicks a**" (someone probably deserves credit for this quote but I don't remember who :P)

On the topic of runspeed: I think 850 is enough, though more might makes things easier. I think I even have less since I don't use outside buffs as gsf.
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Post by drto » Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:01 pm

Agentcrt wrote: 800 rs? well my lvl 73 soljah with some ip into rs gets 1k with gsf so i dont know what are you doing.
you should read whole post , he said 850 RS with low fixer buff, so expect 1k+ with gsf

on the other hand, 1k+ is sufficient for kiting,

use aoe with low recharge because when you see that your hp goes rapidly down use stim / layers, when you start kiting dont spam nanos, run and spam layers while borgs use their specials, then start AOE

best to build dodge ranged/run/ nano delta, ull be able to kite selfbuffed from 130

for NS1 nano its crap and not worth , only use in team when you have chance someone get aggro off you
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