HD atrox ma

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HD atrox ma

Post by markp89 » Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:16 am

Hello all,

Last time i was thinking to start a second profession, And a Martial Artist sounds interesting to me. Since i wanna be able to solo a bit, dynas, unique's etc.
I still dont like to play a doc or advy or fixer, Maybe because i rerolled thoise to much.
But i also hate to playing Opifex, I dont know why but they are ugly as hell too.
So i rolled a Atrox MA ''FROOB''.
I was wondering about Evade setup/Crit setup/Heal Delta setup.
Do you think a Heal delta setup for an atrox MA would be better than a evade setup?
And so yes any nice idea's about armor choise?

Oh and 1 more question, Did anyone tryed the MA tradeskill/Turnspirit weapon?
Iam a big fan of thoise weapon, well at least with my agent since iam able to use QL300, No idea how that is with a MA, Tradeskill weapon + fists.

Or would a MA-Engi be a better option to solo alot mobs?

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Re: HD atrox ma

Post by Rain » Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:18 am

Real MA or MA engi simply depends on what toolset you like more. Engi is probably a bit more work, but fun for the slayerdroid transference and for having a pet to save you in case of troubles, MA got the bonus of better evades and selfheals that make him survive longer under aggro.. and dont forget the critbuffs ofc.

Healdelta, critsetup, evades - Thats a tricky one.
Critsetup costs quite something, since you'll want 2 iGocs.
Evades is the least expensive one, but you'll have to pray to the hamsters that you really do evade stuff.
Healdelta is the most tricky one when it comes to the equipment.
I toyed with the idea myself, but ultimatively discarded it, since there isnt much armor that helps with healdelta.
You'll want to equip a Cloak of the Reanimated Jester on your back and probably some bloodmarks from IS on your wrists. Rings with either stamina for faster Healdelta or platinum rings for more Healdelta. Armor would have to boost stamina as well and that would further gimp your evades and weaponskills. You'd have to use something like miy tank chest & boots and probably ljotur pants and fred sleeves to get as much stamina as possible, preventing you from wearing a dragonflesh bodyarmor while adding pretty much no bonus that you could really use.
Clusters are another horrible point there, just have a look at stamina and HD locations. You'll be stripped of quite some evades, AAO/AAD and health in your gear.
I didn't try a HD setup on MA, but I'd suppose that a decent evade setup with some selfheals every now and then to counter the random hits that come from time to time would beat the healdelta setup unless you find a way to get quite a lot of health to just outlive your target.

Speaking of the Turnspirit weapon, thats a bit tricky as well.
I managed to get a ql 300 one, but I didnt have the time to play my MA or just equip the weapon at all, so I can't share my experience with it, just my thoughts from lower ql ones:
You'll want to equip a ql as high as possible to deal some damage, ql 300 is ofc the best one for its decent bonus. Downside is the speed since its 2/2 (what I consider rather slow), a good point is the rather low requirement of equipping the weapon, compared to the other TS weapons (something like 1531 vs 1701).
If you can get it down to 1/1 at full def, its a nice piece of gear on the paper, what sucks is the fact that phys init clusters clash with evades once again.
Still better than parry sticks though I suppose.
To sum it up, if you can get a ql 250+ version, it should be worth its money. Otherwise a good old Torturing tool would be my personal choice.

The planned equip for my MA Smierc is in my sig, it might give you new ideas if you happen to need some more.
I hope I could confuse you some more :wink:
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Re: HD atrox ma

Post by WeeScotsman » Sat Mar 20, 2010 6:42 pm

Hey Z ,
depends what you want to do.

I think the heal delta set up will be good for either...'when you're goona evade nothing' or 'your gonna evade everthing' ;)

bearing in mind if you evade a hit from high end mob its equivalent to 10s of heal delta, I wouldn't really suggest Heal delta on MA unless you do something wierd like shotgun, or its strictly for 200 dynas or missions.

Did you see Supremes shotgun Ma btw....a big Krutt that would solve your heal delta 2s tic problems. and quite possibly the best froob damage Ive ever seen , (on mobs he can hit anyway ;) ).

anyway...evades actually seem to work on an MA...so I'd avise.

no matter what you do you 'll want a crit setup of some kind.(scope/Igocs/UVC/Coffee/Flurry...and a couple of other points that will probably gimp your gear a bit).

signing off and hope the aofroobs raid went well today :wink:

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Re: HD atrox ma

Post by DocJones » Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:14 pm

WeeScotsman wrote:Hey Z ,
*mhm* ?

Oh, nvm.

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