Lvl 60 Martial Artist vs. Aztur

Re: Lvl 60 Martial Artist vs. Aztur

Postby Briandmg on Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:14 pm

Ahh I see. Forgot about the changes to the stun gloves. In that case, I would strongly suggest dropping the QL80 stun glove, and wielding just a single QL142 glove instead. I'm estimating that you have about 580ish MA skill fully self-buffed. That would give you about 56-213 (265) on your fists (

Time to compare the numbers:
Fists with 580 MA: 56-213 (265)
QL142 Gloves: 68-220 (117)
QL80 Gloves: 39-134 (69)

Single wielding (Fists only): 26 hits per minute
Duel wielding (Fists + 1 glove): 36 hits per minute
Triple wielding (Fists + 2 gloves): 40 hits per minute
(Source: ... perpage=20)

Your QL142 stun glove outdamages this in terms of raw normal damage, but its crit damage is lower. Overall, however, the increase in number of attacks due to duelwielding from 26 to 36 hits per minute will make up for this lower crit damage. The QL80 stun gloves unfortunately has lower raw normal damage. That would reduce your damage per minute despite increasing the number of attacks you can dish out (lazy to list out numbers here, but shouldn't be too hard to figure out :P)

I would say keep 1 glove, save the IP in multi melee, and spend it somewhere else.
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Re: Lvl 60 Martial Artist vs. Aztur

Postby rayje on Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:43 pm

an update: i changed a few things.
i swapped the left arm and foot imps for ql 100 ones with aad clusters, and swapped the rings for tl3 luck/def rings, and the offhand glove went up to ql 95, not a huge improvement, but i can now solo azzy trio selfed but have to be at full def. i had tried using only 1 glove before i added the ql 95, and didn't notice a real difference... i am at 590 ma skill selfed (org contracts), i wish i was able to get 700+ so i could use wisdom of huzzum, but that's not happening unless they change it. looking at my ip, there really isn't anything wasted other than a few points in nano skills (kinda screwed up, due to massive changes in the nanos since rebal), and if i shaved multi i would only really need that ip in either bd/np or nr (or as previously mentioned i could go up in nanos). right now it's functional, but if i had to strip/reset taking off the sandys would make me idk if i wanna do that yet, there would have to be a seriously justifiable reason.
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Re: Lvl 60 Martial Artist vs. Aztur

Postby Alangar on Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:12 pm

We will see what they change in the upcoming patch with "the first larger crop of profession changes since last year’s 18.7 update" :shock:
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Re: Lvl 60 Martial Artist vs. Aztur

Postby hybridyak on Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:55 am

Ah Rayje I see you got the Sandy Goo equipped in the end, excellent work. A great setup! =D>
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