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Post by Laserus » Wed Feb 08, 2006 11:38 pm

i have a keeper, and except for the limited nanos, i love it. with aura, i hardly ever die.

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Post by Etang » Wed Feb 15, 2006 6:30 pm

funky_munky wrote:It is tough to level a keeper. You will face most difficulty around TL4, due to lack of choice when it comes to weapons. Once you outgrow the styg, you will face the choice of forking out a lot of credits for an Excalibur or Sword of the Illuminated or sticking with an inefficient weapon for your level until you can get a Frost-bound reaper.
I kept my Frost Scythe till 125, and I'm currently waiting for an IS escourt to get me an FBR :)

Styg is gimp in SL anyway, only hits for around 300 against heck's while I get solid 700~ hits with my frost scythe, throw in a flurry and I'm laughing.
Tarradax wrote:Keepers are expensive. Atleast, non-gimp ones are. So it's not a bad idea, but it's not gonna be too easy or cheap.
Apart from the 14mil or so I spent on First Tier / Jobe armour I havnt had to spend much money at all. At level 125 I'm still on 75-ish implants, and regularly OD most people I'm teaming with (except agents - and in one case a twinked engy who was getting 3x more damage than anyone with his slayerdroid.)

Pretty much everything so far I've been able to get myself. Frosty, styg, etc. I'm lucky to have some high level people in my org to help me get an FBR too. And until I need to upgrade to Tier 2, My armour will be lasting me a while :)

Edit: to be fair, my nano's are EXTREMELY gimp. No way I'm forking out 1mil each for them, and so far I havn't been bothered to roll for any.
But I know from how in most hecks teams I'm DD and Tank that I'm not gimp, at least, not any more than the people I'm with :P
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Post by Comi » Wed Feb 15, 2006 7:14 pm

You can also try to get a the edge of tarasque, good sword pre-fbr
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Post by funky_munky » Thu Feb 16, 2006 2:20 am

Comi wrote:You can also try to get a the edge of tarasque, good sword pre-fbr
Good luck raiding for it before level 190 on RK1 at least. Only way to get that weapon early is if you raid with your high level main, win the auction, log your alt and loot it. And you're probably not the only one who wants it :wink:

EoT is more of a social-status item anyway. It really isn't the wepaon it's made out to be.
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Post by bakadeshi » Fri Mar 10, 2006 5:11 am

funky_munky wrote:If you can't be bothered reading all that, here's my guide for making a successful keeper:

1. Roll Atrox
Oh god. Another trox keeper. they're good for pvp..but you'll get a crappy nano pool, bad trickledown in evades and nano skill, and people will always send you tells saying "behe plxkthnx"
Valu wrote:also forgot:
- pay loads of cash for keeper only weapons or camp endles hours for them.
- switch implants at each 10 levles to be sure ur in top of DD
- get better armor at each 10 levels to assure your survival, and pay loads of cash for it
- along APG and reaver max Aura of Revial and Bio Cocoon and Street Samurai and Crusade and.... darn not enough perks in 220 levels for that.
- deal with half of the idiots who think a keeper can be used as an enf (puller, tanker, aggro manager, etc)
also full of fallacies.
1. first of all there aren't that many keeper only weaps, and second of all most of them aren't worth buying. styg is free, fbr is free, frost scythe of legionaire is free. inamorata naginata (if youre omni) is pretty cheap, forgot what the clanner version is called. use that weap between the frost and fbr levels. :)
2. get symbs instead of imps. won't have to switch them out except for every 30 or so levels, and thats as long as if not longer than any other profession in the game.
3. don't need best armor possible...that's like telling a NT he needs to buy every single nuke sold...and certaintly don't need to switch every 10 levels...twink into high ql armor, let it go 75%..grow into said armor, then rinse and repeat. and most armor is rollable with clicksaver so you don't have to pay that much..
4. max reaver. but not AoR. In fact, once you hit around lvl 160, need to start thinking about completely unperking AoR as it starts to suck. Reperk into blessing/bio shield perklines instead. Crusade and AI tech are the only real worthwhile AI perks so you won't actually run out of perks (assuming u get enough raids or go APFing). Further, street samurai really not worth perking.
5. i've been able to tank and pull quite well. just need to get highest ql agg enhancer device. keepers are a evade class, so pulling's easy for us, as is tanking. plus with our auras tanking is made even easier. As for keeping aggro, so long as you have the best heal aura u can cast, that thing spams aggro like crazy (unfortunately)
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