Keeper level 60.

Keeper level 60.

Postby Lightrend on Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:53 pm

Having bought SL for the first time on a seperate account,I wanted to create a keeper,a class that I have had an envy since I started AO due to being a medieval and knight addict.(Come on,who has The Knights Code bulletin/clipboard on his wall today except me?)

Anyways back to the topic,what I have in mind is a level 60 Keeper to do the rather common task in the Temple.Which means a cookie cutter except the Uklesh/Khalum/Aztur trio.

Id like to have your suggestions on

-Implant QL
-Weapon Choices(have a Stygian)

I have some QL 68-78 CAS on but to be honest Im taking quite a lot of damage and I dont see myself capable of soloing anything at level 55(Current level).I feel so gimp.

-Extra helping Items which may include Collar Casero and other options.


Well the budget..I have a total of 20m credits on all my toons therefore unable to get very exotic items.
My first project was a level 25 Doctor for Azzy and I can say its a sucess.(see Enforcer forums).

Lets see some feeedback!


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Re: Keeper level 60.

Postby Matsuda on Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:46 am

Implants can go to somewhere near QL150, check this post on how to equip a howlet ona freeb enfo at 60:

For weapons a Stygian will not do for a TotW twink. Since even froob enfoercers can run around with a howlet/panther you should try to go for Sword of the Illuminated( I am not sure on the current pricing though.

For armor Tier 1 is pretty good I think, or OFAB as a cheaper alternative.

That is all I can come up with since I have limited knowledge on keepers.
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Re: Keeper level 60.

Postby Stupidluigi on Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:30 am

I'm working on a Keeper myself at this level, so I have a few suggestions.

Like stated, implants should try to be QL150.

For the weapon, I'm personally trying to get on a Kyr'Ozch Sword - Type 112. However, my Keeper also has the AI expansion, so unless you have that, go with the Sword of the Illuminated.

For the armor, see if you can farm two sets of Basic Armor. The reason I say this is that if you make the proper armor out of them, you can most likely easily get on a set of QL75 Combined Mercenary armor if you're a trox. Each piece of the armor adds 8 points to each melee-related skill, as well as provides good AC buffs. The reason I say farm the Basic Armor is because a full set of the completed armor will run you about 500M, which it looks like you can't afford :P

Well, that's my input. Good luck with your project, and if you're on RK1, send a /tell to Toadtehkeep if/when you finish, I may want to test my build against yours :wink:
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Re: Keeper level 60.

Postby Saavick on Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:59 pm

Stupidluigi wrote:For the weapon, I'm personally trying to get on a Kyr'Ozch Sword - Type 112.

This is actually worse than the stygian, I wouldn't recommend this.
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Re: Keeper level 60.

Postby Nicodar on Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:30 am

Saavick wrote:
Stupidluigi wrote:For the weapon, I'm personally trying to get on a Kyr'Ozch Sword - Type 112.

This is actually worse than the stygian, I wouldn't recommend this.

Funny, because I have a 100ish Type 880 on a keeper around that level and it performs better than a Styg...

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Re: Keeper level 60.

Postby iskyar on Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:02 am

My partner has a 60 keeper twink shes uses for temple services that tears eveything in there apart aside from the trio. (Mostly due to ukkys stuns but with a bit of healing or a lil help she can take them down too).

She uses 150-154 implants in most slots. Sword of the Illuminated and Penultimate OFAB. The tricky part when she first built it was ofc keeping the SOTI non-oe.

A general rule of thumb ive been following is that AI weapons arent that great till after ql 200 it varies between weapon of course (my fixer didnt bother with any till a 250 KMP5 tho my enfo used kyr hammers at ql 180 to decent effect) theres a number of reasons why they arent the best choice (the main one's being there speed and generally slow recharge times on specials when compared to items like the COH weapons and perennium weapons) but like anything else the best way to decide is to try a few things out until you find something you enjoy.

On a /rp note i dont think the kyr sword will have the look you want when going for the whole mediaeval knight thing, tier 1 and a soti will probably look more like what your thinking (i imagine from your initial post).

If u can afford the Combined Mercs or have the time to farm it its definately the best choice if not get at least 75 ofab and you will find it performs well enough.

The only toon's she hasnt been able to OD at this stage is the cleaver\chirop enfo's and the odd soldier so that gives you a good idea of where it stands on the food chain.

Either way i hope you enjoy the keeper prof i recently rolled one myself after seeing how well hers performs and have been having a blast with it.
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